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Marco Borsboom

Senior Account Manager

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 274
Mob: +31 (0)6 26 09 24 86

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I have been working at HEGO for 13 years, 12 of those years were spent in the export department. Due to the fact that I was born in Germany, I speak German fluently. This is also the reason why I mainly manage accounts from Germany. My work is diverse, trading from Asia and Europe coupled with selling from our available stock is a significant part of my agenda. I am also partly responsible for stock management. If you are interested in a personal ‘meet & greet’ feel free to contact me, I am happy to visit your company or you can come to our office in Almere near Amsterdam. You can reach me by e-mail or phone.

Atalay Korukcu

Account Manager Germany & Turkey

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 203
Mob: +31 (0)6 30 09 57 67

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Since March 2015 I support HEGO in Exporting and Purchasing of Stainless product in the international markets of Europe and Asia.  I was born in Cologne, Germany but the roots of my family lie in Bursa, Turkey. Besides in Germany I have lived in the Netherlands, Turkey and South Korea. This is why I speak Turkish and English fluently next to my native German. At HEGO I am responsible for Account Management and New Business Development in the Turkish and German markets. My desire is to deliver excellent service at all times. Do you have Stainless Steel needs regarding sheets and coils? Feel free to contact me at any time. I am looking forward to help you.

Janis Dislers

Account Manager Eastern Europe

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 227
Mob: +31 (0)6 37 45 86 96

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At HEGO I am responsible for the Eastern European market ( including the Baltic States and Russia ) and Scandinavia. In these markets , I am responsible for the buying and selling of stainless steel coils and sheets , and various kinds of aluminum material. I originally come from Riga, Latvia, hence I speak Latvian and Russian fluently. Besides that I am proficient in Dutch and English. In my work as an account manager, I always focus on the interests and wishes of my clients. My everyday motto is “the customers inquiry is my priority” , something I’ve been doing since my start in the commercial sector in 2005. You can always call me or email me with any questions about the Eastern European and Scandinavian market. Feel free to Whatsapp or Skype me

Remen Ramcharan

Account Manager UK & Middle East

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 246
Mob: +31 (0)6 45 51 89 77

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I am Remen Ramcharan and I have been working for HEGO since early 2013. Due to my extensive sales experience from my previous job at a technical wholesaler, there was little time needed for me to feel at home at HEGO. I mainly manage large orders from the British, Italian and Turkish market. I like being able to reach the demands of our clients in the fastest way possible. For advice on stainless steel, feel free to contact me.


Adrie Noom

Senior Account Manager Benelux

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 214
Mob: +31 (0)6 2260 1036

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I have been working at HEGO since 1992, managing both the sales and purchases of our stainless steel and aluminium products worldwide. My technical knowledge has always enabled me to give practical advice on the specific uses of stainless steel and on the possibilities within customisations. Thereby helping our clients to get the best deal. If you have any questions about the custom sizes, applications and options available please feel free to contact me.

Benno Vos

Account Manager Benelux

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 202
Mob: +31 (0)6 3745 8694

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I have been working at HEGO since 1993, I spent the first 18 years working in the  logistics department. Through my involvement in quality control, contact with service centres and monitoring the whole process from selling to delivery, I have gained extensive hands on experience with stainless steel material. In 2011 I joined the Benelux sales team.

My background in logistics and quality control coupled with my experience in selling ensures that I can give you appropriate advice to suit your queries.

For advice on applications or for details on our program feel free to contact me.

Jeffrey Buitenhuis

Account Manager Benelux

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 221
Mob: +31 (0)6 3745 8720

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I have been working at HEGO since 2002, in the first 4 years I worked in the warehouse and production hence I became very familiar with the varieties of stainless steel. I started working in the sales department in 2006. With the advantage of my production background and knowledge of the material I can advice you in many ways. Feel free to contact me, I am happy to help.

Arian Bloks

Account Manager Aluminium

Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 218
Mob: +31 (0)6 1972 8957

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Since 1988 I have been working in the buying and selling of aluminium and stainless steel. Through my extensive experience in the market supplemented with various materials courses I am your go to contact for aluminium. However, I can also help you in the field of stainless steel. For advice or specific questions on aluminium feel free to contact me. I am happy to help you.


Marjolein Stel


Tel: +31 (0)36 5492 210

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As a back-office employee, I am active in support of the sales department, purchasing and logistics. Hence my work varies, however my experience and training are put into good use. I spend most of my time in the sales department, where my main point of concern is with the 2nd choice stainless steel coils.

Sandra Zelinska

Backoffice Export

Tel: +31 (0) 36 5492 220